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Personalizing the formula of a cosmetic product means creating a unique experience for each customer, by responding precisely to their needs.


Cosmetic formulation
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An efficient project is a well thought-out project. The specific elements of your product should therefore be considered before formulation, to optimize testing.

This involves considering the product's final shape, appearance and texture, as well as theolfactory universe, the ingredients and claims to be promoted, the list of undesirable ingredients (or black list), certifications and restrictions. These elements then form the basis for the selection of cosmetic ingredients and packaging, a stage commonly referred to as sourcing.

Inspirations Cosmétiques will help you draw up your specifications, identify the key elements of your project and source your ingredients. 

The formulation of a cosmetic product is the key to its success, as it impacts on its efficacy, texture and quality.

Based on your specifications, we propose prototypes made fromnatural ingredients. Each formulation test is evaluated before being proposed to you for feedback and optimization.

Once you've validated the formula, we move on to product evaluation and characterization tests before manufacturing.


Cosmetic specifications

on perfume

Who hasn't smelled a cosmetic product before buying it? Fragrance is an invitation to travel. Whether it's the woody scent of a walk in the mountains, the smell of a field of flowers in spring, or the scent of a personal memory you'd like to share, fragrance is one of the most important elements of a cosmetic product. It contributes to the identity of your product.

It can accompany your flagship ingredients, accentuating their scents and allowing the user to be captivated by your universe. Inspirations Cosmétiques has surrounded itself with renowned perfume houses in the Grasse region to create made-to-measure fragrances for you.

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