Our commitments
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The world is changing and nature is reminding us of the importance of inventing new solutions. We've listened to the warning and made a committed choice.


We are convinced that the cosmetics industry must constantly reinvent itself if natural products are to find their place in everyone's daily life.

So that "naturalness" rhymes with "efficiency", we make no compromises.

Our sourcing is natural, organic, vegan, fair trade and sustainable, and our formulas comply with all the naturalness criteria set out in the ISO 16128 standard.

Zero waste

Zero waste

Because our commitment doesn't end with the formula, we can help you find innovative and sustainable packaging: cardboard, refillable, plastic-free, wood, etc.

Our aim? To combine aesthetics, practicality and zero waste.

Corporate Social Responsibility


We strive to live up to our ambitions and commitments by developing a company focused on the environment and people.

Our manufacturing process takes environmental impacts into account at every stage, in order to minimize them. This involves using sustainable raw materials and packaging, manufacturing water-free products, reducing our energy consumption, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing hazardous waste.

People are also at the heart of our laboratory's development, creating a healthy, committed and sustainable work culture.



Turnkey service

Inspirations Cosmétiques accompanies you from conception to production of your natural range
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