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Mastering processes means being responsive to change

of a formula

Cosmetic formula
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To ensure optimal scaling-up of any new formula, an industrial transposition study is carried out involving R&D and manufacturing teams.

In this way, we can guarantee that our products will meet your requirements in every respect. 

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Our high-performance, versatile production equipment enables us to optimize our manufacturing processes to the finest detail. We can manufacture a wide variety of textures: solids, emulsions, gels, lotions, oils, balms, scrubs, masks, etc.

From 100kg to several tons, our production capacity is flexible, allowing us to adapt to your needs.


Cosmetics manufacturing


Cosmetic packaging
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Inspirations Cosmétiques doesn't stop there. We also offer a packaging service for your products:
  • check-icon Filling adapted to your packaging
  • check-icon Hot pouring into molds or directly into packaging
  • check-icon Case packing
  • check-icon Label application
  • check-icon Print batch number
  • check-icon Packing and boxing
  • check-icon Palletizing

Our equipment is designed for filling and labeling a wide variety of products and packaging.

Our packaging lines are automated to guarantee perfect reproducibility and high quality.

Turnkey service

Inspirations Cosmétiques accompanies you from conception to production of your natural range
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