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Inspirations Cosmétiques has recognized know-how in hot-casting, based on high-quality formulas, in particular stick-cast solid products and 48H-effect deodorants.

We firmly believe in the benefits of solid cosmetics as an alternative to conventional cosmetics. Our formulations have proved their worth on the French and international markets. Deodorants, masks, shampoos, after-care products, make-up removers, balms, creams, facial cleansers, shaving products, perfumes and many other products are now available in solid versions.

They offer a new skincare andhygiene experience based on the natural sensoriality of ingredients.

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Solid cosmetics are composed mainly of natural or organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin. They contain little or no water, so the risk of microbiological contamination is low. The addition of preservatives is therefore unnecessary, which improves product tolerance.
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Solid cosmetics fit perfectly into the "zero waste" approach. They require no containers (bottles, flasks, etc.). They can be packaged in cardboard cartons, refillable or sold in bulk in specialized stores. Thanks to their concentrated form, the carbon footprint associated with transporting solid cosmetics is lower than that of liquid products.
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Solid cosmetics are more concentrated in active ingredients: less product is used for the same effectiveness. They are therefore longer-lasting and more economical.
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Space-saving, they are practical and easy to carry. They also allow you to pass through airport security checkpoints in your carry-on luggage, without stress and without risk of leakage.

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